About Our Solar Panels

Reset Renewables is a Nottingham based solar company that specialises in the supply and installation of solar panels in Nottingham and the surrounding areas of the East Midlands. Energy Smart PTY Ltd As a trusted provider of solar technology, we offer some of the most advanced, efficient and cost effective solar panel solutions for both domestic and commercial customers. We offer a large range of panels, inverters and peripheral devices to aid you in making an informed choice.

Renewable energy sources are becoming ever affordable to install and maintain. With advancements in Photovoltaic cells, the price of solar panel technology has dropped to an affordable and profitable way to run your house hold!

Solar Panels For Businesses
Liaising closely with our commercial customers, we have the experience and capacity to undertake large solar panel installations for businesses across a broad range of industries. Our engineers are fully qualified and complete all work to the highest of standards, in strict alignment with legislative requirements.

A Leader In Solar Technology
With many years of experience in solar panel installations, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as an industry leader at the forefront of solar technology, specifically Photovoltaic installations. Passionate on performance, we are proud to supply and fit the best panels available in the market, including panels from trusted brands such as LG, Panasonic and Sharp to name a few.

As with all investments, “you get what you pay for”, which is why we encourage all customers to form their decision on the projected efficiency and reliability of the solar panels, rather than the initial cost. The better the panel, the more efficient it will be at generating electricity which equals a better return.

Why Are So Many People In Nottingham Making The Switch To Solar Panels?
You’re thinking it’s probably down to the numerous ‘green energy” campaigns that are constantly publicised in the media, though the reality is, the benefits of installing solar technology have been quickly recognised by more and more home owners throughout the Nottinghamshire area, looking to make a wise investment for the future.

There’s no denying that solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy available, and that by switching to this form of energy source, you will significantly be reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment. This is just one benefit and there are so many other reasons why investing in solar panels for homes and businesses is worth its weight in gold.

Benefits Of Solar Panels
As all of our products are top quality, we can offer the longest warranties. We offer a 25-year linear performance warranty for all modules installed after 1st January 2011. All linear performance warranties are backed by an individual 10-year product warranty.

Any unused electricity is exported back to the grid which you are also entitled to receive an additional payment on. These income payments are UK government guaranteed, tax free (domestic customers) and index linked for 20 years. What’s more, residential solar panels can actually add value to your property*.

We can also use the electricity you would normally give back to the electricity grid for heating a tank of hot water or installing smart plugs, automatically turning on equipment when there is enough solar energy available.

Save Money
Make Money and Have More Disposable Income
Use Renewable Energy To Power Your Home
There have been several reports evidencing the increased property value of a home that has a renewable energy source offering a proven income and significant energy savings.

Solar panels
The solar panels used by Reset Renewables are all in the top ten for performance. Build quality is second to none. We have prided ourselves in sourcing quality products at an affordable price.

JA Solar high efficiency and quality build
LG Solar
Panasonic Hybrid panel
We offer JA Solar with a silver edge or all black looks very smart on slate or grey tiles

SMA market leader
Fronius extended warrantee at half price until the end of December
Power one
Solar Edge with the optimizers
Enphase and Enecsys micro inverters
Mounting systems
We are using Renusol German quality as our on roof system
In roof is also popular with new build or if you want the solar system to blend in with the roof

Self cleaning
As a company we are looking at our solar systems to last long into the future without an onorous Maintenance regime such as cleaning the panels so we are introducing a coating on all of our new solar pv systems which can improve performance by upto 10% and keep the panels clean the coating is a high quality self clean hydrophobic nano coating. This coating is Free of charge on all new solar systems installed.

If you have a solar system already on your roof please call for a quotation.

New Products
Shading has always been a problem with solar pv, but now we can offer solar pv optimisers and micro inverters.

Solar optimisers
Optimise each panel individually allowing a partial shaded panel to only effect that panel and not the whole array (panels on the roof) With optimizers we also have the benefit of monitoring your solar system.

Micro inverters
These inverters are placed 1 under each panel so each panel is a separate generator another way of reducing the shading effect. Monitoring also included and 25 year warranty included. 5-25% increase in energy production.

Solar pv monitor
Easy to fit monitor allows you to see in real time how much you are producing and when to turn on appliances. Fits on to electricity meter with flashing light.

Exporting electricity
If while at work the electricity is being exported why not have it automatically diverted in to your hot water cylinder. Be smart with the electricity you are producing.

Dirty solar panels
Dirty solar panels degrade faster due to hot spots and also do not produce as much electricity. All new solar panel systems installed by Reset Renewables are coated to allow self cleaning by a hydrophobic nano coating this can improve energy production by 10% (based on UK testing).