Disease Prevention A Better Approach

A key component of a healthy lifestyle is preventing disease from occurring in the first place, and a proper diet can help this happen. chin strap for sleep apnea Everybody knows that a healthy diet is important. In fact, we’re so bombarded by admonitions about healthy eating that we’ve begun to tune them out. Food manufacturers—always quick to sniff out new ways to peddle the same old unhealthy products—have made so many health claims for what are obviously unhealthy foods, that we’ve almost become cynical on the subject.

Eating healthy foods doesn’t have to be rocket science. An easy way to eat well while removing much of the guesswork associated with choosing the right foods is to simply avoid eating processed foods. The nutrient levels in non-processed foods, as well as the health benefits, are greater. And, not all foods which you thought were bad for you necessarily are. Organically grown, grass-fed beef for example, contains higher levels of naturally occurring Omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef does. Does it cost more? You bet it does. But grass-fed beef also doesn’t require the use of huge amounts of antibiotics which later find their way into your favorite beef dishes. Avocados are delicious and are a good source of healthy fats and can be used as a butter substitute. Grapefruits are loaded with vitamin C and compounds contained in them are being studied to examine their role in preventing prostate cancer in males.

Another often-cited but frequently ignored requirement in maintaining good health is getting enough sleep. We all know we need more sleep but we rarely do much about making sure we get it. There are several reasons why we’re still sleep-deprived. A problem that’s not often addressed is the fact that the majority of Americans now lead such a sedentary lifestyle that we simply never work hard enough physically to wear ourselves out. Technology plays a role too. Late at night while lying in bed, the glowing screens of our laptops and Ipads can mess with melatonin levels and interfere with our natural sleep rhythms. These electronic devices are also stimulating and triggering brain activity right at the very time we should be winding down our day and working towards restfulness. Many of us sleep on old mattresses and when we do buy new ones we often economize and choose the cheaper mattress. We spend a third of our lives sleeping but we choose to economize when it comes to a mattress.

Everyone knows that exercise is good and not getting exercise is bad. A lot of calories are actually expended on debating one form of exercise versus another. Is running better than walking? Is swimming better than both? These debates often miss the point entirely. If you find a manner of exercise that you actually enjoy you’re more likely to continue doing it. And, any exercise is better than none. If you enjoy walking, and can maintain a good walking regimen and stay in the routine, then walking may be the best exercise for you. If running keeps you engaged and you find that you enjoy it more than walking, then running may be the best fit for you. Avoiding processed foods, getting a good night’s sleep and establishing an exercise routine will likely help you stay healthier.

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